Midnight Stinger – Whiskey Sour with Fernet

A Dark orange whiskey based cocktail garnished with a sprig of mint. A whiskey sour twist with fernet branca.


30 ml | 1 oz › Bourbon Whiskey
30 ml | 1 oz › Fernet Branca
22 ml | 3/4 oz › Lemon Juice
22 ml | 3/4 oz › Simple Syrup

Method: Shaken
Garnish: Mint sprig
Glass: Double Old Fashioned

Shopping list

Maker’s Mark Bourbon
Fernet Branca

The story of the Midnight Stinger

Its history is rooted in the creative flair of Sam Ross, a bartender at Attaboy in New York City. This cocktail is celebrated for its harmonious combination of bourbon’s warmth and Fernet-Branca’s herbal bitterness, balanced with the freshness of lemon juice.

It is a perfect digestif that can be served after a hearty meal. For many of you, the idea of Fernet Branca may seem strange. But I recommend you give this twist a try. Whiskey Sour fans in specific should like the Midnight Stinger.

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