its a drink

Hi, I’m Ken!

Welcome to my home bar.

„It’s a Drink“?

A source of inspiration for interested bartenders, for the small home bar or the cocktail nerd.

How do you prepare a stirred „Dry Martini“?
Which cocktail is worth dusting off Grandma’s champagne coupe for?
And who is this „Martinez“ anyway?
Questions that I will answer for you.

its a drink

About me
Born in 1982, grew up in Lower Saxony.
Somewhere between Hanover and Minden, Germany. Full-time media designer.
Hobbies: home bartender, blogger, DJ and music producer.

„In the mix“
I really enjoy creative things – turning ideas into something new.
That’s why I like mixing music and cocktails.
Passions in which I always find new inspiration.

Have fun

If you like my blog, that would be great. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you simply enjoy my recipes.
I am grateful for feedback.