Roman Sour – Beet in a cocktail

Roman Sour - Rye Whiskey Sour cocktail with red beet. Deep purple red color.


60 ml | 2 oz › Rye Whiskey
10 ml | 1/3 oz › Beet Juice
30 ml | 1 oz › Lemon Juice
20 ml | 3/4 oz › Simple Syrup
Vegan foamer or egg white

Method: Shaken + dry shake
Garnish: Beet root flake
Glass: Coupette

Shopping list

Jim Beam Rye

The story of the Roman Sour

This modern bar classic was invented by Swetlana Holz. Although I prepare this cocktail a little differently than the former „Le Lion“ bartender suggested. While Swetlana serves the Roman Sour on ice in a tumbler and then floats it with the beet, I serve it straight up without ice in a cocktail coupette.
In addition, I skip the float and shake the beet juice directly with all ingredients and extend the recipe with egg white / vegan Foamer to get a nice foam. Just try both variations and tell me which one you like more. Swetlana’s or mine?

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