Last Word Cocktail – Gin, Chartreuse & Maraschino

Last Word Cocktail - Green Cocktail with Gin Chartreuse and Maraschino Liqueur. Garnished with a cherry served in a cocktail coupette.


30 ml | 1 oz › Gin
30 ml | 1 oz › Chartreuse Green
30 ml | 1 oz › Maraschino
30 ml | 1 oz › Lime Juice

Method › Shake, double strain
Garnish › Maraschino cherry
Glass › Coupe

Shopping list

Sipsmith London Dry Gin
Chartreuse Green
Maraschino Liqueur

The story of the Last Word Cocktail

The Last Word is often referred to as a prohibition cocktail. Although this is not correct. It was first mentioned 3 years before Prohibition. Apparently in 1916 on a drinks menu at the „Detroit Athletic Club“ in the same town. Frank Fogerty is said to have been responsible for the drink and its distribution, although he only joined the Detroit Athletic Club after 1916.

Unfortunately, the Last Word Cocktail went quiet after Prohibition. In 1951, Ted Saucier published it in his cocktail book „Bottom Up“. But even this publication did not help the Last Word to make a comeback.

It was not until nearly 50 years later that Murray Stenson put it on his bar menu at the Zig Zag Café in Seattle and made it popular with the help of the cocktail renaissance. Since then, the classic has been an integral part of many bar menus. Luckily.


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