Sloe & Sexy – A Bar Le Lion Classic

Sloe & Sexy - a modern cocktail with champagne and sloe gin.


50 ml | 1 2/3 oz › Sloe Gin
10 ml | 1/3 oz › Orgeat
20 ml | 2/3 oz › Lemon Juice
3 Dash › Sexy Bitters
Top with Champagne

Method › Shaken
Add all ingredients except champagne and bitters to a shaker, fill with ice cubes, shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with a splash of champagne and add 3 dash of bitters.
Garnish › None
Glass › Coupe

Shopping list

  1. Rutte Sloe Gin
  2. Champagne
  3. Sexy Bitters
  4. Orgeat

The story of the Sloe & Sexy

The “Sloe & Sexy” cocktail is a s drink that has become one of the bestsellers at Bar Le Lion in Hamburg. This cocktail is a testament to the bar’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and classic mixology with a modern twist.

It was adapted from a recipe created in 2021 by Aljosha Moretti at Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg. The cocktail’s name itself is a nod to its allure and the playful use of “Sexy Bitters,” a German product with hints of cinnamon and tonka bean.

Bar Le Lion is renowned for its elegant ambiance and exquisite cocktails. It’s a place where the art of mixology is respected and showcased through drinks like the „Sloe & Sexy“. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a trip to Bar Le Lion promises an unforgettable cocktail experience.

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