Baie du Galion – Rhum Agricole, Chartreuse and Drambuie

Baie du Galion - Tiki Cocktail made with white Rhum Agricole, Drambuie and Green Chartreuse. Garnished with a lemon swirl.


60 ml | 2 oz › Rhum Agricole blanc
15 ml | 1/2 oz › Green Chartreuse
8 ml | 1/4 oz › Drambuie Liqueur

Method: Stirred
Garnish: Lemon twist
Glass: Coupe or Nick & Nora

Shopping list

  1. Trois Rivieres Cuvée de l’Océan Rhum Agricole

  2. Green Chartreuse

  3. Drambuie

The story of the Baie du Galion

Actually, I was just looking for recipes with Rhum Agricole blanc. I came across a unique recipe that immediately caught my attention. It’s a recipe from Martin Cate. Known from his Tikibar „Smuggler’s Cove“ in San Francisco. It is not unusual for him to make recipes with rhum Agricole, but in this case the type of ingredients that belong to the Baie du Galion are special. Especially in the Tiki world. In addition to the above-mentioned Rhum Agricole blanc, there are two additional bottles: Green Chartreuse and Drambuie. Sound weird? Yes!

But just try it out and you will be surprised. You get the grassy notes of the Agricole paired with strongly herbal notes of the Green Chartreuse in addition with sweet and viscous honey taste of the Drambuie. The Baie du Galion will also be of interest to lovers of classic cocktails. Because this is actually a stirred short drink that is not at all Tiki.


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